Kinds of Lotteries and are they really worth the money!

Lottery or lotto as people popularly say first probably originated in Florence, in late 16th century. During colonial times, lotteries were all the fury in America. Mostly were held for charitable or civic purposes. Then they fell into disfavour by mid 19th century. New Hampshire was the forerunner and held its first lottery in 1964.

We can see people of different ages and all parts of the continent picking and scratching. In US only the total lottery annual sale has grown into billions of dollars. While we should remember that no person, system or article can guarantee to make us a lottery winner, there are tips and ideas floating around for winning the game. There are even advices on how to win and what to avoid.

Types of Lottery Games

New types of lottery games are continuously coming up more and more as people are becoming more interested. But the basics are lotto, little lottos, daily games, instant games and dailies. The instant games are scratch off tickets, while all others are online games consisting of computer generated tickets.

Little Lottos – This game has better odds and is played very often. Method of play is similar to lotto. In most states, drawings are held more often with little lotto than lotto. They are generally held six or seven days a week. You can win smaller prize amounts if only 3 or 4 of your numbers match.

Multi state games – States with relatively lesser populations joined together to create games with big jackpots. One such game is Mega Millions and other is Powerball. Both games have good drawings and are held every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Quick picks- For person who doesn’t like the number selection system, quick picks are an easy option. In this machine generates a randomly generated numbers ticket.

Lotto- In lotto 6 numbers are drawn from a range of numbers. To play lotto, you need to indicate your 6 chosen numbers by marking the numbered squares on a play slip. Then take them to the lottery retailer. Retailer enters your selection in the on line terminal which produces your game ticket. This ticket should be presented for validation in the event to win. Usually lotto drawing is done twice a week.

The Dailies- If you would like to try your luck or looking for better odds, they you can chose to play this game. In most of states, you can play them twice a day, 6 days a week and once a day on Sunday. Unlike lotto the prices here are as per the number. 3 or 4 as selected most have s fixed prize mostly.

Instant Games- These don’t involve picking up numbers and may be purchased any time. These are popular due to several reasons. First the games are colourful and fun to play. Second a player doesn’t need to pick numbers or fill out the play slip. And there is no waiting. The top prizes on instant tickets are much lower than lotto jackpots though.

It is suggested to always buy your own tickets and never select tickets for others or allow then to select for friends or neighbours. Another suggestion is of not choosing popular numbers. Also do not select common patters on the tickets. Be consistent in lottery. Do not over this amount. Keep profits separate and separate amount in monthly budget to safe from the losses if any. Before winning you must always double check the ticket of lottery which you hold. Sometimes people just miss the ticket or lose it. Do keep the tickets safe until the results are declared.

Lottery owners feed off the curiosity and hopes of all who are in need of easy money invest their income in it. Everyone wants to be a billionaire, but it depends on sheer luck to win a lottery. This is not different than a gambling game at a casino such as Grand Mondial Casino. For a good amount of fun it is better to just play casino games online without any investment on betting getting more details from If not small amount can be used to start the online betting and later may be you can take a chance to go for a real gambling in casino or a lottery game.

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